Lichico is not just a fitness brand; it's a passion project rooted in the belief that everyone deserves access to quality fitness without breaking the bank. As the driving force behind Lichico, we recognized the financial barriers preventing many from prioritizing their health. This realization ignited a mission to create affordable yet top-notch fitness solutions for all.

Our flagship product, the Lichico Treadmill, embodies our commitment to accessibility. In designing it, we aimed to provide users with a convenient, quiet, and portable fitness experience. We understand the evolving needs of individuals, especially during the global pandemic, where home-based fitness became crucial. The Lichico Treadmill emerged as our answer to this shift, offering flexibility in location and workout intensity.

At Lichico, we envision a future where cutting-edge technology meets fitness, breaking down barriers between premium equipment and a broader audience. Our goal is clear — empower individuals to prioritize their health without compromising on quality.

In essence, Lichico is more than a brand; it's a commitment to innovation and inclusivity. We invite you to join us on this journey towards a healthier and more active lifestyle. With Lichico, we're not just providing fitness solutions; we're shaping a community that prioritizes well-being.

What sets us apart

Lichico stands out in the fitness industry for its innovative and user-friendly approach. Our flagship, the Lichico treadmill, is known for its lightweight, portable design, offering convenience to on-the-go users. Simple yet powerful, even beginners can customize workouts effortlessly. 

At Lichico, we prioritize quality and user satisfaction, empowering fitness enthusiasts worldwide to achieve their goals with ease. Embrace innovation and redefine your fitness journey with Lichico.

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