Turn Every Break Into A Boost With The Lichico Treadmill. Revamp Your Well-Being And Break Free From The Sedentary Trap.
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Lichico Under Desk Treadmill PD800.

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We understand that the fitness journey requires comprehensive support. In addition to our treadmill designed for cardio training, we have introduced a range of premium products specifically crafted for strength training.

Stregth Training

Experience a Full-body Workout with Our Indoor Mini Training Machine, Providing a Wide Range of Movement and High Resistance. Say Goodbye to Bulky Equipment and Discover a New Way to Build Your Body at Home. 

Rowing Collection

Explore the Next Generation of Indoor Rowing Machines: Intelligent Design, Robust Resistance, and Effortless Performance. Elevate Your Home Rowing Experience Today!

Pick the Accessories that Align with Your Fitness Journey.

Lichico Gym Bags

 Elevate your fitness journey with our versatile gym bag, designed for style and functionality. Explore spacious compartments, waterproof materials, and a separate shoe pocket for a clean and organized workout. Ideal for gym-goers and outdoor enthusiasts, our gym bag combines durability with a sleek design. Choose Lichico for a fashionable and practical accessory that keeps up with your active lifestyle.

We have a long journey ahead with our supporters.

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