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Do you want to have enviable abs in your life? Today Sardine sport will share some tips with you, so that everyone can have a perfect abs in the most efficient way. In the process of developing abdominal muscles, strengthening the abdominal muscles is the prerequisite of everything. This can strengthen your abdominal muscles, make your abdominal muscles look fuller, and make you look stronger. Among the many ways to strengthen the abdominal muscles, the use of ab machine is the most recommended and most efficient method for many fitness professionals. In addition to strengthening the abdominal muscles, it is also important to lose fat around the abdomen, which can make your abdominal muscles stand out, so a healthy diet is essential. Do this for a few months and you will see the rewards. Next, let’s take a look at how to use ab machine correctly and achieve a healthy diet.


Although some fitness professionals use sit-ups to exercise their abdominal muscles, this method is more suitable for people with fitness experience. For most non-professional fitness professionals, strengthening abdominal muscles through equipment like ab machine is a more effective and efficient method. Under normal circumstances, the gym will provide a variety of ab machines for members to choose from. Some ab machines can be very strange. Luckily, we don’t need to know how to use each ab machine, because their design philosophy is the same, which is to strengthen the entire core through high-frequency abdominal muscle stretching, so the simplest ab machine is also the best.



The most famous ab machine is the Abdominal Roller Wheel. First, we can kneel on the yoga mat, touch the forefoot of both feet, hold the handles at both ends of the abdominal muscle wheel with both hands, place the abdominal muscle wheel directly under the chest, tighten the muscles of the buttocks and abdomen, and let the back present like an arch. If the back is sunken, it is easy to cause back damage. When you push the abdominal muscle wheel to move straight to the front, control your muscles, and slowly lower your body height, and maintain a state of high tension at all times. Because once you relax, the abdominal muscle wheel will move too fast, and you will lie directly on the ground. But the speed of pushing the abdominal muscle wheel forward should not be too slow, otherwise the abdominal muscles will soon be tired, and it is very important to control the descending speed. The height of the drop is also very important. The chest should touch the ground as much as possible, and the feet should be as parallel to the ground as possible. Then inhale, and tighten the abdominal muscles, and roll with the abdominal muscle wheel to restore the original position.


Another common ab machine is Abdominal Rowing Machine. To use the Rowing Machine correctly, the exerciser first puts himself on the machine and puts both feet firmly on the ankle anchor. Then choose a weight that suits you, which is more conducive to keeping the exerciser in the correct posture and avoiding abdominal muscle fatigue. Before starting the first repetition, your hands should firmly hold the handlebar and use your abdominal muscles to stretch when you inhale. When exhaling, the upper body curls forward, driving the machine forward. When the maximum stretch is reached, the exerciser can slowly return to the initial clerical position and maintain the tension of the abdominal muscles.



To lose belly fat through a healthy diet, the best way is to eat unprocessed foods without artificial ingredients, that is, to eat natural and healthy foods. The easiest way is to cook your own meal instead of eating out or buying convenience food or ordering takeaway. Although these latter options are more convenient, it is difficult to know what you are eating. In short, buy natural and healthy foods and fresh spices, and try to cook by yourself.

  1. – Eat more vegetables, the more varieties the better. Try to make vegetables the protagonist of your meal.
  2. – Choose whole grains, such as brown rice, quinoa and oatmeal, instead of white flour that tends to accumulate fat.
  3. – Look for unprocessed meat, preferably hormone-free. Hormones can make animals grow quickly, but people who eat this meat can cause health problems.
  4. – Don’t eat too much every meal, eat small and frequent meals, which is more conducive to digestion and absorption of food.

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